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An inherently decentralized technology and economy ought to have more peer to peer exchanges as main players.

However, as we can see there are very few Peer to Peer crypto exchanges compared to centralized traditional exchanges. The Blockchain ecosystem requires exchanges that are up for the challenge of constantly improving and coping with innovations in the financial world – the world needs Bitprive. We set out not only to operate a successful exchange but also to help traders to create their own businesses with ease. We are here to grow with our users.

Bitprive Affiliate Program

bitprive-p2p-crypto-exchange-development-platformAt Bitprive, one of our business objectives is to grow with all of our partners including our loyal users. As an Affiliate, you have the opportunity to introduce third parties to the Bitprive Marketplace and to earn commissions based on their trades made on our platform.

The Affiliate Program is structured as a two-tier program applicable to first time third party users only:

  • Tier 1 Referral
    A Tier 1 Referral is a third party that registers to use the Bitprive Marketplace using the unique registration link that Bitprive provided to you when you registered with the Affiliate Program.
  • Tier 2 Referral
    A Tier 2 Referral is a third party that registers to use the Bitprive Marketplace using the unique registration link that Bitprive will have provided to a Tier 1 Referral of yours.

Buying Crypto should be as easy as online shopping

Without compromising our security and KYC/AML standard, we vouch to never complicate the process of trading crypto. We strive to work with a great range partners including physical shops, online shops, OTC desks, etc.. in order to allow our users to utilise their crypto as widely as possible. Ultimately, we aim to launch our first Crypto Debit card in Hong Kong available worldwide for our users, enabling them to not only trade crypto easily, but also to spend crypto directly and intuitively.

Mainstream adoption

Bitprive-hong-kong-bitcoin-enter-crypto-exchangeWe are the first in Hong Kong, our mission is not merely to join other players in Hong Kong, we are in fact building the peer to peer crypto exchange from the ground up. Therefore, we see ourselves as the ones that will be setting up the rules for other later comers to follow that is why we only adopt the highest standards in security, eKYC and other technology hoping to set a higher bar for others to follow in order to help promote the use of crypto and ultimately achieving mainstream adoption like credit card did.

Early participants are welcome

Since we are launching marketplace soon, we will be releasing the platform for users to list buy and sell offers. If you would like to become one of our early adaptors please sign up or contact us.

Bitcoin has hit its all time high above $28,000 in December, putting Bitcoin’s gains this year to over 200%. With 2020 ending with a Bitcoin bull run, it is reasonable to expect a good start of the year for 2021. However, with Bloomberg strategist like Mr. Mike McGlone publicly stating the price of Bitcoin may go up to $170,000 and this is by no means a prediction erring on the high side as there are experts and analysts predicting the price of Bitcoin going to north of $400,000.

Do not be left behind and become one of the first participants on Bitprive!



About Bitprive (BPVE)

Bitprive is a Blockchain startup focusing on developing a regulated global cryptocurrency OTC marketplace with 180+ popular payment methods in the world.

Verified users can list buy and sell offers on the Bitprive platform for multi-cryptocurrency trading with a wide range of digital and physical payment methods. On top of providing the platform technology and matching services, we also provide the BitEscrow Network where crypto is held in our Bitprive hot wallet before the payment is confirmed. Once the seller confirms payment, Bitprive releases the crypto from the BitEscrow Network to the buyer’s Bitprive wallet.

At Bitprive, we value security and efficacy.

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