Crypto – the rising star in Colombia

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Bitprive in Colombia
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Crypto – the rising star in Colombia


Bitprive in Colombia

We have seen the rise of cryptocurrencies in a lot of places like the U.S. and Japan. Granted, Latin America is playing catch up but some countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombia have crypto on the rise, providing people with new and innovative ways to exchange and transmit money.

A survey was conducted independently of Bitprive and found that in recent years, over 85% of respondents in Colombia were familiar with cryptocurrencies and almost all of these people were already investing or are open to invest in crypto. For people who are not adopters, it was apparent that the reason was because of a lack of education since majority of the non-adaptors said they were reluctant due to the lack of knowledge and mistrust.


Bitprive in Colmbia Crypto Exchange

Freedom is part of the DNA of crypto, providing users with 24/7 uninterrupted access to the financial world and their own assets. Recent surveys conducted in 2019 showed that Colombia is continuing its growth in the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The public’s sentiments are also positive in the sense that majority of respondents were confident that crypto will continue to grow locally and the main concern expressed by the respondents were the fluctuation of the prices. In fact, over 90% of Columbian respondents agreed that digital currencies will play a very important role in the future’s development of Latin America.

It shows that there is a healthy portion of users in Columbia who are using crypto as a utility rather than an investment. It is indeed a very common practice amongst our users to make use of Tether to conduct trades without taking in the risks of price fluctuations.



What’s next?

With Banco de la República, the central bank of Colombia, investing in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), we can see that the government is taking a friendly stance towards crypto and majority of the respondents were in the opinion that Columbia is on its way to popularize the use of crypto.

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